Become a Rock Fan Because You Like Rock, Not Because It’s Cool

Fans versus occasional listeners. Stop us if you’ve heard this before. A popular rock band becomes instantly famous and a row is started between those who have become fans only after the band has reached the charts, and those who have been listening since “before they were popular”. The first category of people can only tell you about the very well-known songs of the band, while the second can cite by heart every song on every album and in their chronological release order. If they make you feel intimidated, know that this is their intention and you should not give into this type of behavior. Music is meant to be enjoyed and shared and not create competitions about who is the biggest fan. This being said, welcome to the world of rock fans and may you fit right in!


There is such a thing as good rock music and bad rock music

U2 vocalist, Bono, in concert

U2 vocalist, Bono, in concert

The notion of classical rock music is one that will spark something similar to a religious feeling in those talking about it. On the other hand, there is also the highly commercial rock music that pulls out all the stops to get you to think it is the real deal. The rockers are exactly how some of the fans want them to be, the songs are easily digestible, their attitudes are well-studied, and their promotion is much better than the music they actually produce.
Otherwise, you have about 7 decades of amazingly good rock music to pick from and to find people who will share your passion. Look for evolution, for innovation, for something new in the music they write, but most importantly, look for something that speaks to you.

Do not limit your choices to the generic understanding of rock music… whatever that is nowadays

People at a rock concert

People at a rock concert

Rock music is an umbrella genre that makes room for many interesting variations. There is jazz rock, alternative rock, classic rock, punk, grunge, heavy metal, trash metal, symphonic metal, psychedelic rock, progressive rock and many, many more. The important aspect in becoming a good rock fan is acceptance of all styles and musical preferences. Some may seem completely different and you could not understand how one person could listen to such different things. However, rock is an expression of hope and anger, a musical interpretation of everything that is wrong in society and everything that frustrates us all. Accepting all these different ways of expression means accepting the voices of all those who love to dive into rock music.

Don’t think in terms of hits. Think in terms of albums and creation periods for the artists

Remember when we told you that the people who see themselves as real fans can name you the albums and songs of each album in alphabetical and chronological order? Well, they are not that far from what we are going to recommend to you. One of the best examples anyone can give you between the difference between songs from one album to the other are the Pink Floyd albums. Syd Barret, Roger Waters, and David Gilmour all wrote their own songs, and their creations vary considerably. Barret wrote songs about fictional characters and what we can learn from them. His lyrics were extremely meaningful. Roger Waters continued the tradition started by Syd Barret and wrote about fictional characters, but then moved on to create the Dark Side of the Moon album, with psychedelic lyrics and a whole new concept for an album. This is probably one of the best albums every written. David Gilmour is responsible for having written most of the songs on the Division Bell and he is considered responsible for keeping the band together in the later years.
Knowing stuff about albums gives you a little bit of context and gives you the opportunity to truly understand what the artist wanted to say.

Understanding that all good music has a message

Apart from commercial music that only wants to sell, have you ever wondered what other artists want from us? Is it to tap our feet and nod our heads to their singing, to praise and scream when we see them live?
No, real artists have a message they want to get across. This can be a message of peace, unity, and love, or a “call to arms” and an inspiration to stand up to oppression and abuse. The purpose of the artist is that of getting the people to act without saying the same things over and over again. An artist will want you to find within yourself the desire to love, fight for justice, accept others, and stand up for what is right. And it is not about being told to do so, but being inspired, which is much more motivational.

Learning to love those guitar solos

Guitar solo

Guitar solo

One of the most appreciated things about rock music is the fact that musicians play their own instruments. For some, this is the only way to make real music and the main reason they go to concerts. Maybe if you are new to rock, you might not know how to feel about one of those legendary solos, but you will in due time. First comes the appreciation of the song, then of the message, then of the artist, and then of his amazing skills as a musician.

Rock music has the most electrifying concerts

Kiss concert

Kiss concert

And it’s not about the PR done around them or the props, which in the case of some of the major bands can be awe inspiring. But it’s the crowd and the way in which rock music fans know how to get into the atmosphere that will make you appreciate rock music even more. Singing some of the most powerful lyrics ever written along with thousands of other people, having your favorite musician play your favorite song a few feet away from you, live, and getting to hear those guitar strings produce the best sounds. These are the wonderful things that happen at rock concerts only, and you know it is an emotion strongly shared by all those around you.


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