How much can a person talk about music? A lot, especially when there is a real passion for it. Hence our predicament when we had to compress our entire knowledge about our true passion in only ten articles. However, we made sure that we said everything that was important for you to know. Music is discussed as different genres and as a form of art. What is more, we mentioned the many benefits of cultivating a passion for music at an early age.

Therefore, there is an article about jazz music in which we gave you a few notions of identifying the genre, how to start listening to it, and some context. The article on blues music follows along the same lines, with a bit more focus on roots and importance to the group that made it famous. Speaking of genres mainly promoted by nationals, we included Latin music, since it is a genre with so many wonderful variations. Here we focused a bit on the evolution of modern day Latin music and how we can enjoy both timeless classics as well as modern songs within the same genre.

There is also a section dedicated to the elegant world of classical music lovers and Opera goers. If this is something you would like to experience but do not know where to start, you find here all the useful information. We made sure to mention the misconceptions regarding these two genres and how much a person’s life would be enriched by them. And there is also the article about movie soundtracks, a different style of music that we felt needed to be dealt with in its own terms. Isn’t this mainly instrumental music or even music that has been around for some years? Yes, but it is also much more!

Cultivating a love for music is just as important and we mentioned this in a different article. Therefore, if we convinced you of the importance of knowing good music, maybe you will want to have your child learn how to play an instrument. In this case, we came up with a list of undeniable benefits developing such a skill can bring.


Anyone with a real love of music can benefit from reading these articles. You may be a fan of one particular genre, looking to expand your knowledge. Or you may be a parent, looking for something extra for your child to do after school. Or even an adult trying to enrich his own life experience. The truth is that anyone can enjoy music and not only on a “listening to the radio on the way to work” level.
Getting into a new musical genre is not something you simply fall upon. Sure, there is the thrill of the discovery, the feeling of novelty, and the way in which the new music makes you think about your own life, your own expectations. But you must also think about what this change says about you. Are you more mature, more relaxed, more interesting because of it? Try and you will see!